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Jake is a grandson to Dohoney's Boone one of the top reproducing Walkers of all Time
Trixie the female I bred him to is out of X JR the 2002 World Champion
This cross is a great big game cross.
Jake has been under well over 50+ cats in his lifetime
Trixie is a real nice coonhound that we started on Lions last year. She was turned out on 4 cats last year and was at the tree every time. Her first chase she was turned loose over an hour behind the other dogs so she really had to track everything by herself to get there.

This is both Jake and Trixie treeing the cat that is in the picture above.

This is Trixie by herself on the same tree!!


At this time 2 Males and 1 Female are Available from this cross.
The Cost on these pups is $300.00 and I will be keeping one male and one female for myself. The Female I keep will be for sale at 1 1/2 years of age once she is going and well started on Lions and Bobcats for anyone interested in her at that time.

Jake and Trixie have made some real nice pups. They are tanks!! These pups are the biggest pups I have ever seen at birth.

Jake is a real nice dog for an all around pleasure hunting dog. He has never done well in competition hunting because when he is coon hunting he runs silent. Silent dogs always end up with last strike and alot of the times the get 1st tree but that does not win alot of hunts. When coon hunting with Jake you can usually strike him, and tree him in the same breath. When he opens up on a track is is because it just ended or the coon is only a couple of feet in front of him. Jake will usually catch 1 coon to every 3 that he trees.
I can not count how many Lions and bobcats Jake has treed in his life but it is over 50. I would have to get out his papers but I think he is 9+ years old this year and really starting to slow down. I personally want to keep 2 pups from him so I can have a couple of the original line of dogs that I started with. Jake is a grandson to Dohoney's Boone and his mother died this last year she was 14 going on 15 years old and would have still went out and treed a cat if I had giver her a chance even up to the day she passed away she always wanted to go

Trixie is a dog I picked up a couple of years ago while doing some trading. I had never done a single thing with the dog until last year. I had never entered her in a night hunt or even done any training with her until a year ago and I put her in a night hunt one night when I was going to hunt Jossie and then she ended up in heat so I had to take something for a buddy to hunt.
Trixie did not find a coon that night but she did find a real nice porcupine. I put her up again and did not do anything with her until well into lion season last year. I was at the house and she had gotten out of her kennel. We have a big wood pile out back that is full of wild house cats and Trixie spent 2 and a half hours out there trying to get to those cats. At that time a buddy that was with me at the house asked why I did not hunt her. No real reason other than she is a walker and I now hunt redbone's. I decided to take her out on the next hunt and see what she did if she worked out great if she didn't I was going to get rid of her.

We turned out on the cat above and Jake, Boone and Jossie were on the track for about an hour when I went back the the sleds to change into my hiking cloths and remembered that Trixie was still in the box. I turned her out and did not even show her the track. She found it herself and even though she was an hour behind the other dogs she still ran the whole track by herself and was at the tree treeing when I got there. Since that day I have turned her out on 3 more lions and she was at the tree on all of them.

Trixie is out of X JR. The 2002 World Champion and she will be for sale in the middle of January after I have finished working with her on a few more lions.

The pictures below are of the puppy's at 2 days old. As you can see they are huge!!

This is a picture of all 5 of the pups!!

These are the Males

These are the Females

This is all of the pups at 1 week old

These are the 2 females

These are the 3 males


If you are just wanting a nice big game hound this will be a nice cross for lion hunting. Trixie does not seem to care a whole lot about coons but she absolutely loves chasing cats and she is very tree oriented.


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