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Home of Champion Redbone Hounds Sired by The Late
Grand Champion, Grand Field Champion,Nite Champion J-Rivers Red Lightning Boone




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Pictures and Stories

Our main passion here at Cedar Valley Kennels is
Big Game Hunting!!

This bear was treed in utah county on april 28th of 2007

This is a picture of Boone at the first lion tree of the 2006-2007 season. We will have allot more as the season goes on. Boone ran this track just like he had never missed a day. It was a snowed in track that was a day or so old and the other 2 dogs with him did not even acknowledge that it was there.

Click here to see the rest of Boone's accomplishments this year!!

We pride ourselves in trying to promote some of the top purebred Redbone Coonhounds in the country out of our kennel.

While Our main use of the dogs is for
Big Game Hunting!!
Our goal is to breed a well balanced hound that also excels in UKC & PKC competition hunts as well, rather it be in the bench show, field trials, or night hunt.

I believe that this is something that can be done successfully with the right program and a great line of dogs.

Welcome to our site look around and come back often it changes every couple of days. I hope to be able to have a site that answerers some of your questions
and is a great place for information!!

I offer training for your redbone pup as well.
The hound training we do with your puppy depends on the age and the current hunting season.
Lions and Bobcat run from November to the end of March.
Bear Hunting and Training Seasons are from April to May July to August and then in the fall season as well.

Coon Training is done when I have time from April-November.
I do not run coons during lion hunting season at all.

See the about us page for more information on our program and goals.

Click here for information on the redbone

Daymon Stephens
17644 West 1540 North
Fairfield Utah 84013

801-768-1195 home and 801-367-8218 cell

Life is nothing without great friends the picture above is of myself on the left Danyon Campbell in the middle and Shawn Zacherson on the right. We never have enough time to share with the ones that we love, may we cherish all the memories that we can in the time we have with them!

Red bone

breed standard page as published by the United Kennel Club. It is the same as on our site but you can navigate the UKC site as well it is full of information about hounds and the events you can enter them in.